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Meditation & Relaxation

Relaxation and Meditation

7 Tips: How to Get Over “FOMO’ on Social Media (Fear of Missing Out!)

How to Avoid Losing Money Through ‘FOMO’ Your ‘Fear of Missing Out Online’   Saving You Time, Money, and Putting YOU First! Whether you browse social media every day, shop online or are trying to earn some extra cash you can get flattened by your fear of missing out, AND even lose money that is…
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Stress management

Managing Stress Levels In Your Daily Life Day by Day!

Daily Stress Management Tips to Help You Cope!   How Stressed are You… I am %$#@ Stressed Stress is everywhere today and from the minute you wake up, you begin stressing that you will be ready to make it to work on time. If you have children, you will be stressing to get them organized…
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Learn How to Start Managing Stress with Meditation Techniques.

Managing Stress with Meditation Daily to Calm Life Down! How to Manage Daily Stress With Meditation Practices Stress is a huge factor and can stand in the way of you being happy so taking steps to manage it in our 21st-century fast-paced lifestyles is vital. Managing stress with meditation is now common practice and you…
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Be Kind To Yourself

6 Ways to Start Being Kind To Yourself! You Deserve it!

How to Start Being Kind to Yourself. Yes, You!   It’s Time to Start Being Kind to YOU! You may be kind to others and a great guy or girl to be with but you may neglect being kind to yourself , putting yourself down at every chance letting that inner voice ridicule, criticize and…
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Deep Meditation Music: Good For you!

Deep Meditation Music Calms your Mind and Soul… Deep Meditation Music to Soothe Your Soul… When you feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders plug in to deep meditation music and feel how it calms you down,puts you back in control, and soothes your soul… If you are passionate about music you…
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Practice Simple Daily Meditation: Take Back Control of Your Life!

Daily Meditation  Helps Takes Back Control of your Life!   You Don’t Have to be Some Sort of Guru to Practice Daily Meditation…  Practicing daily meditation is not only a proven way of relieving stress but also helps you manage your fast paced lifestyle. Little pockets of stress happen during our normal days , blood…
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How to Deal With Anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety and Manage Anxiety Causing Situations. How to Deal with Anxiety By Knowing What is Causing it in the First Place. Feeling Anxious Apprehensive Scared? Use Smart Tactics and learn how to Deal with Anxiety. You know what makes you anxious and stressed, and using this to your benefit will help you…
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Drifting vs Ascending: Why Moving With A Purpose Means Having A Vision.

Finding Lifes Purpose Through Mind Relaxation. Today I want to present to you a concept that’s incredibly simple, yet completely overlooked. You understand this concept, and I guarantee that your life will never be the same. I’m still integrating it into my life, but it’s already had profound changes, which I’ll talk about later in…
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Addition By Subtraction: Why Knowing What You Don’t Want Is More Important Than Knowing What You Do Want.

    There’s one key thing holding you back, and it’s almost embarrassing to admit. In fact, it’s extremely shameful, that’s why it’s damned hard to say out loud.   Any idea what that might be? Here’s a hint, less is more. They say that people don’t know what they truly want out of life. Observing people…
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Nine Ways To Stop Overthinking And Start Living In The Moment.

“What’s that even mean?“ You say?   It’s more straightforward than it sounds. You see folks, there’s one problem that’s far worse than just being plain stupid. Pay attention, because this will change your life if you let it. It’s worse than not having any cash. It’s worse than your girl breaking up with you, your car…
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