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Meditation & Relaxation

Relaxation and Meditation

7 Tips: How to Get Over “FOMO’ on Social Media (Fear of Missing Out!)

How to Avoid Losing Money Through ‘FOMO’ Your ‘Fear of Missing Out Online’   Saving You Time, Money, and Putting YOU First! Whether you browse social media every day, shop online or are trying to earn some extra cash you can get flattened by your fear of missing out, AND even lose money that is…
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Stress management

Managing Stress Levels In Your Daily Life Day by Day!

Daily Stress Management Tips to Help You Cope!   How Stressed are You… I am %$#@ Stressed Stress is everywhere today and from the minute you wake up, you begin stressing that you will be ready to make it to work on time. If you have children, you will be stressing to get them organized…
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6 Guides to Happiness Defined ( By Cain Caudell)

What is Happiness Defined?     I’m a little eager to get started with this. I’m that confident it’s going to be groundbreaking for some of you. I’ll admit. A lot of this information is not exactly brand new. But I’ll still offer my unique perspective on how to integrate certain habits or lifestyle changes.…
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Shyness and Anxiety

How to Treat Anxiety and Shyness…

 How to Treat Anxiety and Shyness.   Help for Managing Social Anxiety Shyness and Stress. Social anxiety, people shyness, and stress are rising in modern society, and many feel overwhelmed by mental stress, which results in illnesses, fatigue and unhappiness. Today many people even suffer from serious panic attacks and if this is you CLICK…
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Stress Management

8 Tips: Learn How to Reduce Stress Levels or Die!

Managing Your Life to Be Stress-free…   Smart Tips To Reduce Stress levels. By taking control and managing your life you can reduce stress levels and it is not difficult if you follow some timeless advice that has been shared by many life coaches and motivational gurus. When your life feels rushed and overwhelming it…
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Help For Stress

SmartPhone Meditation Applications to Soothe Your Soul….

 State of The Art Meditation Applications to Help you Relax… Meditation Applications: A Convenience to Help you Relax Most people already know, or have heard how meditation can change your life and help you relax, and maybe you are someone that has spent a lot of money already trying to learn how to meditate correctly?…
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Learn How to Start Managing Stress with Meditation Techniques.

Managing Stress with Meditation Daily to Calm Life Down! How to Manage Daily Stress With Meditation Practices Stress is a huge factor and can stand in the way of you being happy so taking steps to manage it in our 21st-century fast-paced lifestyles is vital. Managing stress with meditation is now common practice and you…
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Stress Relief Tips

5 Stress Management Tips to Implement into Your Lifestyle.

Stress Management for Fast Paced Lifestyles…     Learn How to Understand, Manage, and Control Stress It goes without saying that stress affects all our lives today, and the explosion in technology plays a large role in this. Our laptops, computers and Smart-Phones are both a curse and a blessing, the former a curse because…
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Dream Big and Start Setting Goals To Achieve Your Dreams!

Dream Your Life by Setting Goals…You Can Do It!   Dream Your Life and Dream Today….Setting Goals makes These Dreams Come True! Time sure does fly past and like they say life is short so pack it full with all the things you want to do.  Everyone has dreams and setting goals to achieve them…
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Be Kind To Yourself

6 Ways to Start Being Kind To Yourself! You Deserve it!

How to Start Being Kind to Yourself. Yes, You!   It’s Time to Start Being Kind to YOU! You may be kind to others and a great guy or girl to be with but you may neglect being kind to yourself , putting yourself down at every chance letting that inner voice ridicule, criticize and…
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