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Welcome Visitor… Read About The Real Me..


My name is Richard, and you can see my photo in my profile. Most people hide behind falsity when writing about themselves.  This is the real me!

We all have our trials, tribulations and crosses to bear in life. I know this and do not consider myself better than anyone else. The obstacles I have encountered in life have made me stronger, but sometimes in moments of despair I feel weak and question why…

I have had my share of negative experiences in my life, family, financial, and health related.  These experiences caused me huge amounts of stress, depression, anxiety and unhappiness. There was no one to help me find relief and peace of mind while going through these tough times.

Our modern lives pack even more of this stress and anxiety into them, and we are killing ourselves bottling up these explosive feelings, and sometimes when it is too late, destruction and death have been caused by pent up anger and emotional chronic stress.

Suicides are up, incidences of people going over the edge and snapping… going on killing sprees, deaths by road rage, and serious life-threatening diseases, all relating to high levels of pressure placed on us by our fast-paced careers, the media, internet technology and overpopulation, especially in the cities.

This is why I built this website, continuing research on how to help people learn to relax in our fast-paced lifestyles.

My Bumpy ride…

From a family starting out as 5… 3 brothers and 2 sisters, we are now just a brother and sister left, with everyone else in my family has passed on through illness, and accidents.

I have become almost totally deaf now, and after suffering a serious injury where my fingers were cut off by a machine and had to be sewn back on,  this resulted in me eventually losing my job, and financial stress from that point on was huge, with my family battling just to survive.

I have two sons that after completing their education were also unable to find work and lived with us until their late 20’s.

After many years of working and researching health, wellness and doing product evaluation, have made me somewhat an expert in providing information that helps individuals, organizations and communities find solutions to problems, access quality products and services, and find effective techniques for improving lifestyles.

Other niches that I have been involved with are helping others supplement their incomes through making money online, (my work from home website is http://www.eezywealth.com) and in addition to this sports, health and wellness, have always been my passion.

As mentioned before;  After losing my job as an electrical technician for a large company, I went out to investigate how to earn a living online, and it has been difficult , frustrating and of course extremely stressful. After many setbacks I landed steady work as an SEO writer for corporations in the United States, and through this it became my,  passion  sifting out the chaff from the quality, in products, information and services on the internet.

Fast forward from there, after many years  spent evaluating products in the work from home and make money online niche, I  then branched out into health, wellness and alternative remedies. With high pressures of stress related to being self employed, illness, cancer, and death in my family, I sought out information on how to relax, and found lots of information that explained what the problems were related to these issues, but few real solutions that were practical for the average person are available, and what is there is, is mostly outdated to suit our modern 21st Century lifestyles.

This prompted me to condense everything into ‘Relaxation Ways, dedicated now to  helping you understand stress and anxiety, which  people,  and even our children are experiencing in modern fast paced stressful lifestyles. i want to help build a website where you can  find all the information and solutions to peace of mind, calmness, and harmony right here.

There are relaxation techniques to suit any requirements and lifestyle, and I know they will help you find the calmness you need to slow life down!

I spend many hours doing extensive research and effort, which is applied in seeking accurate useful information on relaxation techniques, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, anxiety and stress relief, and lots more, which is condensed into simple to understand formats, without technical and medical terms jargon that causes confusion and uncertainty.

I can be contacted by email at any time, and will respond promptly to queries of any kind, endeavoring to make visitors to any of my websites satisfied.

In the past while being involved in the Work from Home industry, I found that providing a telephone number proved overwhelming due to so many queries I received, so now I communicate almost exclusively by email which allows greater flexibility and privacy. This and the fact that I cannot hear now except solely with the use of a hearing aid…

Getting feedback from visitors whether positive or negative is what drives me to improvements and selected advertisers on relaxationways.com and any other sites I own are carefully screened for quality and value.

Your destination to peace of mind and relaxation starts here… I know you will find the solutions you need! Thank you for the support in visiting my website, which I hope you will share with others to help them find peace of mind…



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