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No doubt you have heard the term comfort eating, something that many people fall into to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and feelings of low self esteem.  Stress eating can even lead to the onset of binge eating disorders, and of course abnormal weight gain.

Learning how to stop emotional eating starts with understanding why you are comfort eating and then taking steps to change this into healthy eating habits. It’s no wonder that 60 percent of the world’s population is obese considering the way people eat and did you know that comfort eating is a way to reduce stress and anxiety?

Healthy eating habits will reduce the incidence of many chronic diseases such as heart diseases cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, and diabetes. In addition research has proven that many digestive diseases like inflammatory bowel syndrome, cancer of the colon, and kidney cancer is linked to higher dietary fat consumptions. Transfats are one of these culprits!

Good food choices and their correct preparation is the first step to healthy eating wellness nutrition. Processed foods, charred meats, higher sodium (salty) foods, and sugar components in long life foods all contribute to obesity, chronic diseases, and fatigue.

Choosing healthy foods is difficult when you are pressurized for time or highly stressed. It’s easier to grab fast food on the go, and naturally this is the worst of food choices!

If you want to live well and live long and healthy at that it starts with understanding how to eat, what to eat, what to avoid and find relaxation techniques to reduce stress rather than following habits of eating comfort foods.

You can easily find hundreds of nutrition articles that offer good guidelines although sometimes there is a lot of conflicting information which can be quite confusing at time. Let’s have a good look at wellness nutrition and what healthy eating is all about.

Healthy Foods Choices

What is Wellness Nutrition?

Wellness nutrition is a lifestyle not a diet to lose weight although eating like this will help you live well, bring your body to its balanced BMI and most importantly reduce the incidence of chronic diseases.

Healthy foods do not mean tasteless unappetizing dishes that make your life miserable but rather mean being more aware of what you put into your mouth. It’s also got to do with how you eat, where you eat, potion sizes and learning how to stop emotional eating to reduce stress, nervousness, and anxiety.

What is further to following a wellness nutrition lifestyle to live well is making certain that your body gets all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements it needs to boost your immune system. Another fallacy is that you need to only eat fruit and vegetables for healthy eating but this is not true at all…

Healthy foods come from all food groups’ fruit, vegetables, grains, meats, dairy, and legumes and fish, (Unless you are a vegetarian). Recently Paleo diets have become all the rage to follow healthy eating habits and there are even selected Paleo diets to lose weight which many celebrities follow.

There are a simple list of healthy food choices you can make and a variety of different preparation methods to enjoy healthy delicious foods that are the way to live well. So if you want to simply define what a wellness nutrition lifestyle is, all you need to do is learn to follow a lifestyle of healthy eating.

This way of life will help contribute to having more energy, helping reduce stress, controlling your weight, building a strong immune system and through all this live well and promote longevity!

Making Healthy Food Choices for Wellness.

Reducing your levels of stress and anxiety by practicing relaxation techniques is helpful to stop emotional eating comfort foods. Go for healthier fast foods asking for grilled not fried if there are those options. Be more aware of reducing sugar and salts in foods.

Unless you have a specific dietary need you can easily make the correct healthy food choices for wellness. It’s not necessary to completely it for a Vegetarian or Paleo lifestyle diet either, but personal choice if you REALLY want to.

What is wellness healthy eating Habits?

Here are better healthy food choices to opt for from all the food groups:

For Meat eaters: Go or cuts that are lean and rather choose white meat like chicken and fish reducing consumption of red meat to three times a week. Replace lamb which has high fat content with lean beef or if you can veal and always remove visible fat off meat if there is still any. Remove skin off the chicken and go for the breast rather than the thighs.

Fats Consumption: Fast foods have tons of unhealthy fats in them including the bad trans-fats. Unhealthy fat and other additives that should be avoided are found in processed and smoked meats. Reduce intake of fast foods which are loaded with unhealthy fats, as well as processed and smoked meat. Use vegetable and olive oils for cooking and in salads.

For Cereals and starches: Go for the healthy choices like whole grain cereals, whole wheat, brown bread, while grains brown rice and whole wheat pasta. These contain good dietary fiber as well as trace minerals and vitamins your body needs.

Milk and dairy products: Difficult as it may be; initially make a change to low-fat and fat free versions but watch out for sugar content in some of them. From consumption of dairy products even low fat choices still give you the nutritional value you need but without the fat.

Vegetables & Fruits: Choose fresh vegetables over canned and processed and fresh fruit of all the different varieties if possible every day or second day if you cannot. Frozen fruit and frozen vegetables are fine because they still have their nutritional value.

Sugars: Cut down on sugar intake especially in fizzy drinks and using refined sugars. Watch for content of sugar in your foods and when possible replace processed sugar with honey and other natural sweeteners.

Tips: Watch out for salt and sugar content in foods, go for a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables as much as possible. Read labels to look out for colorants, additives, preservatives and nutritional value.

Cooking: Grill rather than fry food when you can and when cooking meats be careful of charring them as this causes carcinogens to form which can increase the risk of cancer.

Drinking: Drink lots of water and make it a habit. Green teas are delicious and fruit juices that are freshly squeezed are great thirst quenchers. Try and reduce alcohol consumption especially if you use it as a crutch to reduce stress. Practice relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety, nervousness and chronic stress.

Eating: Make meal times regular and sit around the table with the family or even alone to eat properly. Do not eat in front of the TVG and switch off your phone at meal times. Chew food well and savor the taste. Eating slowly will make you feel fuller sooner. Remember to watch the portion sizes you eat.

Health and wellness healthy foods

Live Well – Health and Wellness.

A healthy diet is paramount to living well and keeping your body in peak wellness with a strong immune system to fight diseases. In the beginning it’s hard to make adjustments to change top healthy eating habits.

Eating brown or whole wheat bread instead of white bread can make you naturally lose a few pounds over the period of a year, just as changing to fat free and low fat dairy products will. Healthy nutrition as you will read in many nutrition articles is a complete lifestyle change, and you can start healthy eating gradually, but stick to the plans.

Food preparation: There are many ways to prepare food whether you are a full vegetarian or following a Paleo lifestyle. Eating too much friend food is dangerous for your heart and bad fats will clog the arteries and cause build up of bad cholesterol. Minor sensible changes in the way you eat, will also help you naturally lose weight without effort.

Grill food, boil food or microwave food rather than fry it. Reduce the amount of salt, sugar, and oils in sauces you use in cooking especially in ready-made sauces. Be aware of portion sizes and the easy way to do this is using smaller plates.

Let family and friends know if they have invited you over for dinner you prefer healthier food choices so that they are not offended because there are certain things you will prefer not to eat.

There is no reason to make your life completely miserable if you have dedicated yourself to healthy eating. There are going to be occasions where you are offered cake, and sweet treats, or have no choice but to eat what is on the table, when visiting friends or family without being rude.

You will not do any real damage to your healthy eating habits in these cases nor suddenly pick up 10 pounds because you treated yourself on these occasions.

If you really cannot change your life without help then consider joining wellness programs that completely change your outlook on life with proper guidance. Below you will find some useful links and resources to investigate some recommended wellness programs by the experts

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