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You will often hear the phrases, what makes you happy, or how to be happy, or some may mention do whatever makes you happy. Most people do not know how to define happiness or realize the exact moment when they are feeling happy.

The feeling of well being and happiness are linked and some people describe this as optimism, success, feelings of being joyful, satisfaction, and complete peace of mind. What makes you happy may not be the same for someone else.

For example: something simple may make one person happy, but it will be infinitely more complicated to make another happy.

Spiritual health and well being is associated with happiness, and those with this contentedness in life will eat healthily, get regular exercise and not be easily subjected to high levels of stress.

Perhaps the answer to the biggest question people ask of ‘how to be happy’ or ‘what will make me happy’ may be linked to spiritual health and mental well being.

Stressed, anxious, nervous people will not have feelings of happiness, while struggling with spin off ill health linked to these conditions. Finding solutions to these problems is thus the path to happiness and relaxation techniques like meditation, life coaching, and lifestyle dietary changes are the positive fist steps.

Research has proven that happiness releases endorphins in your body that strengthen the immune system, help you to relax, and are linked to well being and peace of mind.

What Makes You happy?

The Benefits of Being Happy!

A lot of research has been done to study what makes people happy, and one thing is for sure, happy people live longer, enjoy better health, and spiritual wellness, which is peace of mind.

Over 200 studies done in the last decade to define happiness have uncovered truths that experiencing psychological well-being lowers the risk of heart disease, strokes, prevents weight gain, indigestion, incidences of ulcers, and relieves emotional stress.

In seniors that were happy it was further found that happy people were livelier, focused, relaxed and had less incidences of joint pain and other common ailments experienced in the age groups of people over the age of 65.

Another amazing scientific discovery while researching happiness was that people that are happy change the way that their genes function. The benefits of this were decreased levels of inflammatory problems and heightened immune systems.

People seeking an answer to how to be happy in life… were not happy yet, not really understanding what they could seek to make them happy.

The question of what makes you happy can vary, from thinking more money would make you happy, finding love would make you happy, a better job would make you happy, or a change in lifestyle would make you happy?

For many people a simple solution to being happy would be reducing stress in their lives, achieving spiritual wellness and calmness. To achieve this first step means practicing forms of relaxation techniques that range from meditation, to getting sufficient exercise. Once the mind is at peace and the body is healed a sense of well being will envelop you and this is linked to being happy.

In a state of happiness is easier to manage stress, anger, emotional pressure, and anxieties. Peace of mind adds focus to life and being aware of surroundings, abilities, and what is to be done to shape your destiny. When you are content you are less likely to get sick, or when you do feel ill, heal, and overcome it faster.

The most important benefits of happiness are thus decreasing the risks of becoming ill, reducing the incidence of serious life threatening diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes, and feelings of being in control of your life.

Spiritual health

How to Be Happy in Life?

If you are highly stressed, nervous, anxious, and angry these are the first problems which should be addressed and through practicing relaxation techniques are the first step.

You cannot be grateful, satisfied, fulfilled, loving, and calm, while suffering from chronic stress and anxiety. The former feelings are the foundation of what makes most people happy.

Being in a positive mood and fully relaxed, helps for insomnia, manage anxiety and calmness for your mind.

Another effective way for learning how to be happy in life is writing down a list of things you think will make you happy, and a list of things that are hindering what is preventing you from achieving this state of mind. Let us look on ways to define what makes you happy:

A) Happiness Diary or Journal: Start this journal by making a column ‘Things I am Grateful For’ on the one page of your diary or journal and on the other page ‘My Problems and Worries’ List the things that make you thankful under the things ‘I am Grateful for’ and what is causing you anxiety and stress on the other. You can update this diary or journal as you think of more things to add until you have them all.

B) Investigate ways of relaxation and mindfulness training which will show you how to let go of negative thinking, past issues that are worrying you, while helping you focus on well being and peace of mind.

C) Acceptance: Realize that you are not perfect, have limited abilities, and you do not need to impress anyone, or try to keep up with the joneses, so to speak. Understand that you play an important role in the bigger scheme of things, in people’s lives and have a destiny that can be shaped the way you want it to be.

D) Help others, make friends, and build on your relationship/s. the support you give others will all come back to you tenfold in a positive way. Gratitude show to you from others will also make you happy, and accomplished.

E) Visit places and experience new feelings. Enjoyable feelings and experiences help you feel happier. Ride on the roller coaster for feelings of adrenaline and euphoria. Visit beautiful places for feelings of calmness and awe. Socialize and be friendly for feelings of belonging.

F) Take Better Care of your Body. Eating healthy and looking after your body promotes happiness. Exercise in any form releases good endorphins instantly increasing your well being and happiness levels.

Spiritual Wellness

Tips to Increase Happiness Levels

Medical journals Dictionaries define happiness as a combination of spiritual wellness, mental fitness, balance and growth in your life. Basically put anything that contributes to feelings of well being.

Understanding this definition means you can take steps to making changes in your life that are positive. There are simple ways that you can begin increasing your happiness levels. Use the list of tips below:

  • Accept Your Feelings and Emotions in all Situations. Don’t over analyze, deny, try and drink away or eat comfort food to compensate for what you are feeling. Avoiding emotions does not allow you to face them and the issues causing them.  Most people live life guarded against their own emotions only showing truly how they feel with someone they trust.  Let your emotions free and feel them fully, because doing so allows you     to heal yourself spiritually. Mindfulness meditation is a super technique that shows you how to let go, feel, and accept.
  • Make Changes in Your Life. The importance of a routine is beneficial but sometimes making a complete deviation from your routine gets you out of the rut. This creates a rush of adrenaline and newness leading to euphoria. Sometimes taking new risks can benefit is rewards. Ask for a raise in your job, take a few days off and let it all hang out.Go on a spur of the moment trip, ask someone out on a date if you are single, or participate in a challenge. Doing this will get you out of your comfort zone and help you get unstuck, to realize there is lots of experience in life!
  • Live For The Moment. Mindfulness meditation training is a great way to help you focus on letting go of the past and living in the present. You can get weighed down by the past continuously reliving happenings that hamper your growth. Live in the now and plan for the future because you CAN shape your own destiny.
  • Self Analysis. Now and then step back and take a good look at yourself. Ask questions while looking at yourself in the in the mirror like ’what makes you happy’? Say your name. ‘What is troubling you’? Say your name… This is a way of addressing your subconscious with these questions. This method helps you think up solutions of what you want, and what you can address to solve problems and issues that are bothering you. Are you resisting a situation, what is bothering you are all questions you can ask yourself…?
  • Seek Out Fun and Laughter. Many people go through life being too serious about everything. Look for fun activities and laughter. Watch a good comedy movie, play games with someone, interact with your children go to the theater for good comedians shows. Laughter escalates you upwards towards feeling happiness and satisfaction.
  • Identify Your Abilities. Understanding and identifying your abilities allows you to feel empowered, and useful. It also makes you realize how you are important in the role of life. You have an important purpose in the universe.
  • Calm your Thoughts.A racing busy mind can cause insomnia and restlessness. Sometimes negative thoughts can take over changing your mood and making you feel overwhelmed. Learn how to focus using relaxation techniques and meditation practices.
  • Be Thankful. Surely you have heard the importance of thankfulness which is a positive mental attitude and a step upwards on the path towards happiness. Many life coaches will recommend writing down the things you are thankful for each day building up positive feelings of gratitude. It is a good idea to keep a diary and write down things that please you as you experience and receive them.
  • Do Activities that Make You Happy.What are you passionate about? Playing games, watching movies, walking the dog, swimming, playing with children? Do what makes you happy without worrying about what other people think. This is a great way to enhancing your wellbeing!Get Rid of What Makes You Unhappy!It is often simple enough to get rid of people or stop doing things that make you feel stressed and unhappy. Stop reading the bad news; get rid of people in your life that are dragging you down through criticism and victimization. Work out avenues of escape, and release and you will find them
  • Learn to Build a Positive Mindset.Surroundings, smells, sights and sounds can all affect well being. Create harmony in your home by using essential oils aromatherapy for scents, grow a small garden of herbs, flowers or vegetables, and rearrange your furniture to create space and openness.
  • Socialize with happy boisterous people that know how to laugh and relax, and you will feel relaxed with them.
  • Practice Relaxation Techniques Meditation.Slow down your life; get stress relief and focus, by learning how to meditate. Form a habit after mastering meditation which can be done anytime anywhere from few minute sessions to lengthy deep relaxing sessions that calms your mind and spirit.

How to be happy

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