7 Tips: How to Get Over “FOMO’ on Social Media (Fear of Missing Out!)

Meditation & Relaxation

7 Tips: How to Get Over “FOMO’ on Social Media (Fear of Missing Out!)

Relaxation and Meditation

How to Avoid Losing Money Through ‘FOMO’ Your ‘Fear of Missing Out Online’

Social Media


Saving You Time, Money, and Putting YOU First!

Whether you browse social media every day, shop online or are trying to earn some extra cash you can get flattened by your fear of missing out, AND even lose money that is gone forever!

Can you seriously go for a single day without checking your Smartphone, tab, or computer, to update your social media pages or check personal emails?

(I am not talking about Work email BTW)

Social media platforms abound and most people are guilty of being members of from 2 up to 8 yes eight different social media platforms!

Social Media

Unfortunately, social media has become commercial laced with the noise of an ocean of advertisers, and people that post updates that have little to do with social luife which is really what social media communities were originally all about.

As technology progresses and automation becomes simpler there are now all sorts of software, digital media managing assistants, and automated software posting programs to tweak and Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram every aspect of their social media messages, advertising,  and updates for advertisers so that they can get the best return on their investments

The Social Media Monster!

Social Media


If you are constantly checking your social media accounts or posting updates all the time, surely you find it  tiring to log into all your social media accounts each day just to see (perhaps sometimes with some satisfaction those alerts and notifications)

Which you often find many being pointless anyway?

Are you tweeting everything from a weather update to what you are doing as often as you can?

I think that is seriously crazy.

I want to share some common sense advice to prevent you from getting caught up in FOMO fear of missing out which can EVEN cost you money. Advertisers prey on this!

Tips to Manage Your Social media FOMO

  1. Set sometime aside each day to log in ONCE ONLY into social media accounts and only respond to authentic messages and conversations.
  2. When you shop online and find something you want to buy do a “support’ test. Send a message to the contact details, or use the form to query something, anything. If the support is prompt and genuine, you can safely buy from the store. If not imagine the sh** storm you will have to wade through if something goes wrong with your purchase.
  3. Trim the fat in followers, friends and even family down on your personal pages because surely you don’t want that friend in Thailand you will never meet? Get rid of people you REALLY will never know.
  4. DO NOT post personal information about you or personal details for that matter ever. What you ate for breakfast is NOBODY’s business. I mean really?
  5. Think twice before posting pictures that have information of locations in the background which can help predators find you or your children.
  6. Change your login details and make sure your passwords are properly secured regularly and keep your children OFF social media as long as possible.
  7. Delete social media accounts you don’t often use. The more you have to update the more time it will take from you every day. This can waste not just time but energy to maintain multiple social media accounts with very little return.

Overdoing social media daily results in affecting life in many ways so subtle you may not even notice it.

Tired Social Media

This can mean decreased productivity, less family time, mental fatigue, and for some constantly comparing their lives with others a feeling of emptiness. Use social media responsibly and if possible in ways that support your needs. If you have businesses then stick to the main three which I deem Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


I recently wrote a book about digital detox which I am sharing FREE. No Purchase nor Opt-In Required.

Some younger generations may call me old fashioned but look around you where ever you are from the restaurant to the public toilet you are going to see someone on their phone, tablet or whatever device.

Even jogging or in the gum some tech will be attached to listen to music or check pulse rate. In some restaurants, people are checking then phones EVEN while eating…




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