6 Guides to Happiness Defined ( By Cain Caudell)

Meditation & Relaxation

6 Guides to Happiness Defined ( By Cain Caudell)


What is Happiness Defined?

Relaxation and Meditation



I’m a little eager to get started with this. I’m that confident it’s going to be groundbreaking for some of you.

I’ll admit. A lot of this information is not exactly brand new.

But I’ll still offer my unique perspective on how to integrate certain habits or lifestyle changes. Sometimes all somebody needs is a different perspective to fully internalize a truth.

Don’t worry though, I’ll present MANY new concepts, and pieces of actionable advice you’ve likely never heard before to define happiness. I want to give you a set of tools to help change your life.

I don’t want to just yell at you to be happier and send you on your way.

No, I’m but a humble health and wellness enthusiast. The least I can do is give you real advice for real results.

With that in mind, off we go…

Happiness Defined…

For those of you who didn’t see my previous posts on why happiness is the true pursuit of all human beings. Let me quickly recap what I presented to you all there.

Whether you know it or not, everything you do is to feel better. This means everything you do is to feel as happy as possible. Even sacrificial actions are done to make you feel happier.

The biggest surpriseĀ is that conflict, drama, and negativity are paradoxically done in pursuit of happiness as well. Yes, that guy who bitches all day long about Donald Trump this or Donald Trump that is actually pursuing happiness.

Hard to believe, but it’s the truth. All human beings naturally move toward pleasure and away from pain. To me then, that’s the only sensible way to live life. Do all you can to radically go toward happiness at every turn, even if that means making tough decisions.

Chase happiness even when that means temporary hardship. It’s the highest priority in your life.

Defining Happiness:

My definition goes like this:

Human beings are always moving toward happiness and away from pain.

What’s happiness then? Is it merely pleasure?

Not quite. That’s a large part of it. But there’s more.

Think of a time when you overcame a massive challenge.

Say you got through a hellish semester with 20 credit hours and a part-time job at a university.

Maybe you raised three kids as a single mom to adulthood, and you suddenly reflect on how in God’s name you did that.

Perhaps like me, you felt an immense sense of pride and power come over you after you made it through freshman football two-a-days as a kid.

All the above things are challenging. They all challenge you physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. They actually change your character.

You become a stronger person afterwards. That feeling, of overcoming yourself, creates one of the most profoundly happy feelings in the world.

It connects to something deep within our DNA. The need to overcome and feel empowered is necessary to feel completely alive and well.

Pleasure and momentary indulgence make up a large part of happiness, but they don’t achieve by themselves. If you’ve ever had a life without hardship…


You already know this. Sit back…relax and think about what makes YOU happy… That is happiness defined!

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