The Easiest Method to Generate Focus, Boost Concentration and Clear Negative Energy.

Meditation & Relaxation

The Easiest Method to Generate Focus, Boost Concentration and Clear Negative Energy.

Have you ever been about to do something on the computer, but you just couldn’t focus quite like you wanted to?

No need to lie friend, of course you’ve been there.

You probably get sick of trying to use caffeine to power through.

Maybe that’s assuming too much, but many of you know what I’m talking about. It’s frustrating because you have the will to get work done, but it’s as if your brain won’t cooperate properly.

Caffeine is king, but it only goes so far. Eventually, you can’t just keep getting more cups of coffee unless you want your heart to do the rumba right out of your chest.

Thankfully, there is something that works for getting your brain to cooperate. You have to use specific brainwaves.

It’s actually that simple, and it’s a straightforward process.

Specifically, it’s a type of brainwave therapy using specific brainwave frequencies. They are simply called binaural beats.

That sounds WAY more complicated than it is. All that it means for you, the lovely internet goer in need, is that you play certain tracks. These tracks mimic different brainwave patterns already found in the brain.

That’s the thing, they’re already there. For example, Alpha brain waves promote relaxation, rest, recovery and other r words. Okay not really, but you get the point. It helps with those types of desired effects.

Theta brain waves help promote creativity, intuitive thinking, and an ease of overthinking. They might be my personal favorite as I’ll explain later.

Point being, they are easy to find on YouTube or other video hosting services or you can buy specific CD’s of them. The former is fine, but it’s convient to have ready made sets done by experts when you’re on the go.

Today, I’ll be talking about theta waves and their uses. I’ll discuss what they do well, what they don’t do well, and how to use them.

First, a little more info…


Theta Waves.

Theta waves are actually one of the lower brain wave frequencies by the Hz(hertz per second) unit of measurement. This means that it promotes less activity and alertness than alpha waves.

Alpha waves are actually known as sleep and relaxation waves themselves. So how can theta waves boost creativity?

Wouldn’t it just make you sleep?

You’d think, but no it’s slightly more complicated than that. You see, many people waste a ton of energy in overthinking or paralysis by analysis.

This also tends to cause procrastination and lack of consistent focus because your over-anxious waking brain gets in the way of your creative work.

This is especially true for anything which is marked by creativity: such as writing, making music, painting, drawing and so on.

Your normal beta wave brain which handles day to day thinking, gets in the way.

It doesn’t want to, but it can’t help it. Beta waves are great for methodically doing all the day to day stuff you have to do.

When it comes to small talk, or taking notes, beta waves are your friend.

But, they panic whenever you go to write that Ulysesses-esqe stream of consciousness novel because it’s too abstract. Day to day living requires such a rigid and “proper,” way of operating that beta waves can’t reconcile their role and that new crazy project you envision.

So they end up convincing you that every awesome bit of creativity you conjure up is nonsense, or that nobody would understand it.

It’s okay. Beta Waves still think you’re making small talk with the barista at Starbucks. They don’t get that you’re trying to get weird.

Theta Waves to the rescue.

When and Where to Use.

Writing and Work.

Firstly, these do work best if you can work somewhere completely secluded and with as little distraction as possible.

This means a room with proper lightening, little to no outside noise, no other music, and no other people coming in and out. They can be used at a coffee shop or place you work in public, but they’ll be less effective.

In my experience, theta waves tend to work best in the afternoon and evening hours.

Why exactly, I’m not sure. I have a hunch though. You are naturally a bit more free in the evening, because you’ve already been awake all day.

Basically, your subconscious mind is already tired of filtering itself for your conscious mind all day long.

The theta waves give the subconscious mind permission to come inside and play after banging at the door all day. That rhymed, and you definitely noticed.

I always feel a profoundly calm and steady energy come over me after about five minutes of work. It’s like I suddenly lose all thought that I’m even doing anything which classifies as work.

That’s awesome, because it means I can write in that state for hours and barely notice all I’ve done. Afterward you feel it, but not at the time.

You may even feel semi-euphoric as you get completely enveloped in the process, and you see your wondrous creation take hold.

Experiment with different volumes and lengths of time. The longest I’ve ever gone without pausing is about three hours. There’s nothing wrong with that, but understand that you’ll feel a little spacey afterward. Think of when you used to spin in a chair as a kid. It’s a little like that. Just grab on to something when you get up.

My personal setup is to use the theta waves in the evening when I do my most creative or abstract writing. Sometimes I’ll use it with a little bit of caffeine, and sometimes I do not. This depends on your caffeine tolerance, and if you can handle letting the little kid inside of you run wild.

In all seriousness, it can be a bit of a strange combination, so just experiment and see for yourself. I know what about 15% of you are thinking, so I’ll go right ahead and bring it up.

“Can I use this with weed, man?”

My answer is that I’ve never personally tried to do that, and so I can’t give that advice, because I’m not a medical professional. That being said, caffeine and theta waves are just fine, so my hunch is that a responsible use of cannabis is also fine.

But remember, I’m not a medical professional, and I have no personal experience with that combination so proceed with caution.

Alright, had to get that out of the way. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Let’s talk about times of day.

You can use it in the morning, but I find that my conscious mind still pokes in more readily at this time. It isn’t a deal breaker, but it means that morning use is less ideal.

The whole point is to get those creative juices flowing fully. They already tend to do that more in the evening anyway, and so it’s like pouring gasoline on an already roaring fire.

The heightened, nervous morning energy cuts into a pure creative flow state.

Indeed, save the theta for latah.

Healing, Cleansing, and Awakening.

Okay, this is the strangest part of the post, so bear with me. I’ve purposefully hinted at the fact that theta waves open up your subconscious already. Now, I’ll explain in more detail why that can be such a beneficial thing if you feel stuck in life.

Listening to theta waves while working makes you more fluid and creative. Listening to theta waves while meditating can be transformative.

How do you do that?

Simple really.

Assuming you already meditate, go to do your normal meditative practice, but add theta waves to the mix.

Put yourself in the darkest, least stimulating room possible. You want there to be a minimum amount of sensory stimuli. Go ahead and get some type of sleep mask ready, put it on, and then close your eyes.

You don’t need the sleep mask, but it helps to cut out all possible light.

Don’t do a very structured guided meditation here. If that’s what you normally do, do this unguided. Merely close your eyes in the darkest, simplest room possible, and listen to Theta Waves for an extended period of time.

Start with thirty minutes at the most, and work up to two hours if you can find the time. Don’t worry about nagging or negative thoughts. They will come up, same as any type of meditation. The point is to merely observe and process.

So don’t fight anything, but simply pay attention. After about twenty minutes, you start to feel a much more profound calmness, centeredness and peace wash over you. Various painful or distracted thoughts may come up, but you’ll find they vanish almost eerily quickly.

I don’t advise doing this if you are relatively new to meditation, as it may be a bit too much to try and manage at once. The whole point is that you’ll find VERY significant shifts in consciousness and perception. That’s not easy for anybody, especially somebody who has never tried before.

Worst case scenario, you’ll at least feel a bit more relaxed and energized.

Fully embrace the process, you feel a completely changed perspective on life.

Old emotional pain that keeps haunting you just stops mattering. You’ll wonder why you ever considered it so important in the first place. I know the first time I did this, I was actually laughing at A LOT of what had felt suffocating up to that point.

This wasn’t because I thought anything was ridiculous, or that I was better than anything. It wasn’t an arrogant feeling. It was a simple acknowledgement, that I didn’t need to keep feeling certain pain, grief or resentment anymore.

If you are COMPLETELY lost as to what to do with your life. This could be the spark that gets the fire started again. This is especially true if you are paralyzed by fear after a job loss or the end of a relationship.

Often times, those events can traumatize us because we feel like we lost a stable anchor that was keeping us safe. Or we feel that we no longer have a clear path to walk.

Extended theta wave meditation calms you down, and reminds you to feel the gift of existence.

That alone is half the battle. Then, you regain excitement about all the open doors that still exist. Again, the day to day conscious mind will often prevent this.

It’s job is to assess your life in a very black and white fashion and come up with simple answers for what you can or can’t do. But it takes the subconscious to unlock that almost childlike zest and enthusiasm for life. It still lives inside of you, but it’s often ignored due to adult demands.

You see, the sum total of everything you have experienced up to this point (assuming you’re at least 21 or so) can leave you feeling unsatisfied and closed off to possibilities. When you were a child, everything was exciting, and life was an adventure. Even when it was hard, you dealt with it in a very matter of fact way.

When you hurt, you hurt. When you needed to cry, you cried. But you didn’t sit around and get depressed, anxious, envious, jealous or any other negative exhausting state until adolescence.

That’s when the ego started to attach complex ideas of acceptance, lifestyle, obligation, and other such things to you.

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s all bad. It’s probably a good thing we know as adults to not go potty in the street right as soon as we feel like it. That’s an example of a good “rule,” we abide by, largely without conscious thought, as adults.

The trouble starts when all those more arbitrary notions begin to weigh you down. Do you really NEED to go to college?

What about that job, do you HAVE to have it?

Or does that feel like the reality because of what’s been placed on you by society, your family, your friends, social media, mass media and other influences?

Your subconscious mind is trying to juggle so much competing, conflicting information, that it’s exhausting.

The most dangerous part about it is that you begin to convince yourself that you “aren’t” so many different things. Or you begin to act like you are incapable of doing anything more creative, fruitful or fulfilling.

You spiritually castrate yourself with so many preconceived notions. Many of these exist only in your head, and you don’t know for sure.

You forget to define yourself in terms of what you are, or what you are capable of. What beauty can you add to the world?

 You end up making so many assumptions about what isn’t possible. But again, all the day to day rules, regulations and restrictions make you fearful of even trying.

Negative folks only live their life in terms of what isn’t possible. Live your life in terms of what is possible.

The sad truth is that the first group is much larger than the second.

This is why so many people will never even begin to scratch the surface of what’s possible.

It’s why they’ll be lucky if they even have a good life.

It’s why they’ll never do what they REALLY WANT to do, and instead they’ll do what they must do to avoid shame and guilt.

That long explanation above might have felt like rambling. It wasn’t. It was a thorough explanation of how to uncoil yourself from overthinking and negativity. In my mind, a quality life requires some degree of letting go of all these exaggerated worries, fears, and anxiety.

Yeah, many people do live that way. You can be an exception, and you don’t have to feel the least bit guilty about it.

Theta waves are merely a powerful method to begin and further this process. Of course you don’t’ have do that. But I like living as an individual who can let go of uneasy pain, fear, and sorrow.

You are likely the same if you like pursuing your own self interest. I’d say we’re all interested in that.

So do yourself a favor and incorporate theta waves into your life today. They may help you write a great article like they helped me write this one.

Which ones did I use?

Well I like the style you’ll find

Even better, you may discover who you really are and start doing what you want.

Why not get both.

Thanks for reading today. Go forth and prosper.


P.S. Take Action And Start Prospering Today.

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