Stressed Out? Practice FREE Simple Meditation Techniques to Relax You!

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Stressed Out? Practice FREE Simple Meditation Techniques to Relax You!

FREE: Simple Meditation Techniques to Relax you!
How to Relax and relieve stress


Chronic Stress Kills!  You NEED to Relax and Slow Life Down!

We live stressful fast paced lifestyles, and unless you take steps to channel the stress out of you and relax, you risk serious illness like nervous breakdowns, heart attacks, strokes, or diabetes. Chronic stress is a killer in today’s society, yet so few people take advantage of simple meditation techniques to relax you and calm you down. Your mind and body need some some out otherwise you risk crashing and burning out with disastrous results!

Your job could be stressing you out and after a day’s hectic schedule of meeting deadlines, attending meeting after meeting, preparing different documents, dealing with demanding clients and so on, you will always be looking forward to going home and relaxing. There are many ways to relax, and one method that is quite effective is meditation which is easy to do and you just need a few minutes a day to slow life down.

Meditation Techniques on Your Smart Phone…

How will you find simple meditation techniques to relax you that are convenient and practical? Perhaps you’ve already heard other people talking about meditation, and you will be delighted to discover there are even wonderful mobile phone applications that offer free meditation techniques on the go.
FREE Meditation Application

It’s not as hard as you think to use simple meditation techniques to relax you, and the method revolves around focusing your thoughts, and deep calming breathing which clears your mind, and relieves your stressed tensed up muscles. There are many superb applications that offer calming relaxation music and meditation guidance that will help you manage your stress levels and slow life down. During the process of practicing simple meditation techniques to relax you gives your racing mind time out to rest, and while meditating your thoughts about stressful things are diverted elsewhere. During relaxation meditation, you will be focusing on calming places, images, while listening to quiet relaxing music or sounds

Your body uses this peaceful time to recuperate and relax through meditation; and toxin build ups caused by extreme stress of the day will also be released.

You’re Body Response to Simple meditation techniques to relax you…

While applying simple meditation techniques to relax you, your breathing slows down, your blood pressure is reduced, the tense muscles relax in your shoulders and neck will relax. The feelings of anxiety and irritability are reduced, stressful thoughts and lactic acid are eliminated, (this clears your overactive mind), headaches and stress are also relieved, and after a few minutes of calming meditation you will once again be able to concentrate and focus.

Focusing on just a single image, or sound while deep breathing from your belly, is the true essence of such meditation. This is an active process unlike that of self hypnosis.  During the use of simple meditation techniques to relax you all your mental faculties should be concentrated on the your preferred focus point which can be a real or mind thought image of a place of calmness, and/ or relaxation music for some examples.

Meditation techniques will provide the best results when done for about 30 minutes, but this is not set in stone because even a 10 minute session will provide amazing results in peace and calmness. To apply simple meditation techniques to relax you, try and find somewhere to be comfortable, either relaxed in a comfortable couch or chair, or if possible where you can lie down.

.Modern Relaxation Techniques

As mentioned simply focus on different factors when you’re meditating, like your deep breathing methods, an object, calming image, a focus point in the distance, sounds, music, or even thought imagery. Whichever you choose, it is very important to remain focused on what you choose completely. If you experience any distractions and external thoughts, while practicing simple meditation techniques to relax you, strive harder to block these out. It is natural while starting out to practice meditation of any sort that your thoughts will wander but with a few sessions you will start being able to master the technique.

Apply These Simple Meditation Techniques to Relax You:

  1. Tense & Relax – begin by clenching your fists tightly, and then pull forearms towards you to press firmly against the upper arms. Keep your muscles tensed, and at the same time tense your leg muscles up.

Now, while arms, fists and legs are clenched do the same with your jaws pressing your teeth together, and shut your eyes tightly as well.  While holding everything tensed up, breathe deeply in and then hold for about 5 seconds. Then release all tensed up muscles simultaneously. Feel the relaxing sensations that will flow through your body. Repeat this process a few times.

  1. Heaviness/ Warmth – this is done by deep muscle relaxation forcing the feeling and thoughts that your legs and feet are getting heavier and warmer by the second. Imagine that it’s like wearing lead boots and walking up a steep mountain.

While entertaining these thoughts, imagine that your central body core is also getting warm, heavier, and completely relaxed.  Focus thoughts that your mind is getting calmer and relaxed. Breathe calmly deeply and evenly, and imagine you feel all the heaviness, calmness and warmth spread over your entire body.

  1. Ideal Relaxation Technique – Firstly close your eyes and try to create an ideal relaxation spot inside your mind. Choose any place that you love, whether it’s imagined or real, and furnish the place according to your own preference and style in your mind. Wear comfortable clothes and imagine/believe with your entire thoughts that you’re going to that place.

Now while there start to feel mellow and at ease in your imagined and ideal relaxation place. Enjoy that special moment for about a minute or longer. These are just simple meditation techniques to relax you, which you can do for just a few minutes per day and you will find that you are able to manage your stress better and find inner peace and calmness when it seems that life is just becoming too much.

Practicing relaxation Techniques in our Fast Paced Lifestyles


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