Advice for Productive Living and Holistic Well Being!

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Advice for Productive Living and Holistic Well Being!

Heed Some Advice for Productive Living and Holistic Well Being!

Modern Lifestyles Well Being & Productive Living

Do you feel like you are losing control of your life, and also feeling that too much is happening in your life at the same time, and too fast for you to handle?

Life does feel extremely rushed at times, making you feel pressured, and losing control… At this time of the year close to Christmas, people start feeling more rushed and pressured than ever before! Chronic stress can cause you to feel fatigued, ill, unhappy, and unfulfilled!

Let me share some guidelines for productive living and holistic well being that will help you find calmness, control, and inner peace of mind. Something sadly lacking in most people, because of our rushed, technology bloated modern lifestyles today!

Productive Living: How to Manage Your Life.

Most people think they are smart because they are experts at multitasking, but in reality this is like the metaphor being a ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ For productive living and holistic well being, it is more sensible to  learn how to manage your time, your life, and your tasks, in the priorities they need to be handled.

It is fine to manage different tasks simultaneously, but your productivity will be far better learning how to ‘single task’, and you will regain focus too. A proper diary or notebook is a first step, smart way, used by efficient people to manage their lives, time, and activities, and you can group all similar tasks together for effective time management.
Facing Burnout from stress

What about starting by grouping appointments and shopping together, and attending to computer tasks, emails, and phone calls, social media, into another group for examples. Then you add longer term tasks and goals you want to achieve on the future ‘to do lists’.

Planning your day into sections allows you to focus on the tasks you have allocated to those hours, and if you manage to complete them productively, you can always allocate the rest of the free time you start seeing appear as ‘Me Time’

Holistic Well Being; Finding Peace and Calmness.

You may not realize it, but you are constantly bombarded with background noise from machinery, to road noise, ringing of phones, people talking, planes flying overhead, traffic noise, and disjointed bits of music.

Maybe you can focus on blocking it out by concentrating on something else,  but your subconscious is still listening, and this constant sensory overload can cause stress hormones like Cortisol and Adrenaline to increase to excessive levels. You know by now, exactly how dangerous chronic stress can be for your health…

Holistic well being is enhanced, and stress levels will reduce by visiting peaceful places where you can get close to nature. Listening to the waves of the ocean if you live nearby is soothing or visit a forest, river, dam, or quiet park where you can completely relax in peaceful surroundings. This is vital for good health, wellness, and peace of mind.

Now we all know that having a good bitch and moan with our friends has proven to be therapeutic many times we feel like venting, because if you focus on your issues alone they can look insurmountable, complicated, and lead to depression and feelings of isolation.

Support from your friends and family will help you find solutions, while you start feeling as if your problems are now shared and not shouldered by you alone, and thus feel lighter.

When you get together to socialize, always let everyone have their say, and air their gripes too,  otherwise the balance will become unhealthy, causing more stress for the friend of family member you are venting with.

Productive living and holistic well being are long term lifestyle changes, not just once off, so incorporate them into your lifestyle. Read about how everyone should allocate some ‘Me Time’  as well…

Busy Modern Lifestyles

Life is complicated and a difficult path, and it boils down to the choices you make, and whether you allow the negatives to become stronger than the positives in any life experiences. There are always negatives in anyone’s life, but they must be handled, accepted and then you just move forward.

Only you will restrict yourself to living on a one way street, because there are always opportunities that will appear in your life, but through fear and insecurity, you  will look past themand they will be gone forever!

Improve your mood, release tension and apply relaxation ways to relieve stress in your fast paced modern lifestyle, and make it a habit and daily practice!

Be consistent by sticking to good nutrition, have moderate exercise without being obsessive about it, and make sure you get sufficient sleep each night. These are the keys to well being productiveness, and overall peace of mind!

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