Why Not Let The Optimist in You Free?

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Why Not Let The Optimist in You Free?

Change Your Point of View and Become an Optimist..

Let The Optimist in you Free!

Feeling sad depressed, tired, fed up , rushed and directionless?

Surely you always wonder about that happy contented person who is always looking at the bright side of things? You know the glass is half full type; the half a loaf of bread is better than no loaf at all… guy or girl types?

We all know that there are two basic types of people the optimist and the pessimist, the introvert and the extrovert, the entrepreneur and the grey worker bee…

Change your life point of view and become an optimist because you can and always look at the brighter side of every event in your life. Sometimes it is quite hard to do but with some practice it will be second nature to always be positive and see the brighter side.

If a person competed in a sport, competition, or contest and were placed second in a writing contest, the optimist and positive person will jump for joy. Mentally they will not be discouraged but tell themselves they will do better next time.

The pessimist will discouraged, convince themselves they will never be good enough to win and from then will always seek out excuses not to enter again.

Your life will always be about choices and you can decide whether you would like to take the optimists point of view of the glass is half full.  That is a fun joyful, challenging, and fulfilling life.

Won’t you agree that it is better than the pessimist’s view of living negatively always self-defeated, unhappy, and convinced you will never be good enough t for anything or even anybody?


Optimists Days are all awesome!

Optimists live less stressful lives and it has been proven that being optimistic about everything is linked to good moods, higher morale levels; to better levels of achievement in academic, athletic, military, and occupational fields and careers.Why not free the optimist in you?

Positive mindsets promote good health, but in our modern lifestyles it seems that pessimism is higher than ever before, even in young adults, and teenagers. It is no wonder that the incidences of depression and stress related illnesses are higher than ever before.

Optimists live longer, healthier, happier lives and you can become an optimist if you want to. You just need to change your mind set a bit, and it is quite easy too. Be resilient, pick yourself up out of the rat race and gray areas, and come out into the sunshine!

Follow These Tips to become an Optimist and live a better contented happy life:

Always believe you are in control and never expect anything less than the best. Anything l else is your own fault and you can change that, because you CAN! Believe that setbacks and challenges are just temporary and everything will change for the better. You are not confined to being defeated forever.

Plan your life because you know you are in control. This starts with a mindset of positive thinking. Use failure as a learning experience, and obstacles as stepping stones.

If you did not win, or complete a task, or reach your goals effectively the first time, realize that there is a next time, a next time, and a next time.

Mentally always tell yourself things will get better no matter how bad the situation looks at the time. Tell yourself everything is going to be ok and the sun will shine in your life because you deserve it!

See all obstacles as opportunities, and look for positive ways of how these problems and hurdles in your life can be turned to your benefits. Learn to relax even when life is feeling rushed, stressful, and you feel pressured by it all.

Learn to be less dependent on others for happiness, because you are in control of your own life so, have an attitude of; YOU CAN be happy and from today life is going to be just perfect…

Learn to focus on your well-being more during times of stress, and this is easy by practicing ways to relax and clear your mind so that you can tackle life head on again and solve whatever is making you negative and pessimistic.

Don’t give up, …ever because optimists never give up but keep trying because eventually they know the light at the end of the tunnel will eventually appear. Learn perseverance and enjoy the challenge of moving one step closer to your goals each time.

You can become an optimist starting today and believe it or not you are going to be a whole lot better off health wise, see the world in a more positive light and people will enjoy your company because everyone is attracted to an optimist.

Let The Optimist in you Free!






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