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Causes of stress

What is Stress and Who Suffers From It?

Stress is a modern day killer disease and in order to treat it, it is important to get an understanding of what stress really is! Today it is a word on everyone’s lips and no doubt you have heard the phrases, ‘don’t stress‘ or ‘stop stressing‘, or that someone is ‘highly stressed‘… On many medical related websites you will read about the importance of  reducing excessive amounts of stress because chronic levels of stress can have serious consequences!

The dictionary defines stress as’ a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

We all have built in instincts called ‘fight or flight’ responses which help us as humans deal with situations that can save our lives from danger, or cope with a challenge, or problem obstacle we encounter. This is  called good stress that humans and animals all have, and are born with.

Normal good stress can happen before a job interview, or before writing an exam, going on stage, before public speaking, or meeting someone new on a date. Good stress is the stress that causes that rush of adrenaline or energy that you need to cope with the challenge being faced.

In times of danger, this good stress is the warning system that can help you take instinctive action to save your life,  like avoid falling objects, jumping out of the way of a car or bus, seeking shelter in a heavy storm,  or avoiding any possible life threatening situation, and some research proves that good stress can even boost your immune system in response to diseases or infections.

Then of course you get the bad stress, which is excessive stress, or chronic unrelenting pressure from a situation and this is the type that can be life threatening in the illness it causes. You will know that you need to learn how to relieve stress when everything is getting too much for you to cope with.

Bad stress is when you remain in a highly stressed state all the time with your flight response switch remaining activated. This continuous pressure causes stress overload affecting emotions, your physical being, and giving you heightened levels of anxiety.

Well respected health and wellness sites like Web MD, and mayo clinic have mentioned that women are said to experience more stress than men, perhaps because of the higher pressures placed on them by society, ranging from how they should look to fashion sense, peer pressures, and even childbirth.

in the 21st century everyone is subjected to higher levels of stress than ever before with  lifestyles packed with excessive technology, internet, and social media which were supposed to make life simpler but have rather negatively increased stress levels rather than reduce them.  Technology advancement has even resulted in increasing levels of stress  in younger children…

Children and young adults in School, college, and the peer pressure that come with it, have increased suicide levels, drug abuse and criminal activities. Stress levels in high schools and universities can be extreme for some,  so much so, that students struggle to function, and many find it easiest to drop out.

Additionally, parents can add to the stress pressures on their children, trying to force them to follow in their footsteps, or  making them choose a career path that they really do not want!

Stressed society is on the increase as life gets faster and faster, but fortunately there are ways to relieve the high levels of stress and find complete relaxation, to go slow things down and go back to calm, satisfied fulfilling lifestyles. Understanding stress , and how it affects you is the first step and from that point you can examine ways to find stress relief that suit your lifestyle.

Relaxation techniques which you can learn about on this website, guide you in ways to relieve excessive stress, and these  can be practiced to manage your life to reduce the bad stress that can be life threatening.

The common causes of bad stress vary between people, ranging from financial problems, to career pressures, family and relationship issues, to educational and parenting stress. Learn how to relieve stress effectively, and your life will definitely change for the better. below we will pinpoint symptoms of stress and through these you can identify just how stressed you are!

Stress in Children

The Symptoms of Stress.

Some people handle stress better than others, while some even hide and bottle up their stress which can result in dangerous stress overload. Chronic pent up stress can manifest itself into a life threatening disease.

The symptoms of bad stress overload can be pinpointed and managed, and should be done so before it is too late. When you realize how badly stressed you are you can take action to find relief through the proper treatments.

Just remember that Good Stress  helps you cope with a situation, and you can experience symptoms like excessive sweating, pounding heart, heightened awareness and adrenaline hormones that boost energy levels to prepare for the stressful situation.

Bad Stress causes the flight response instinct to stay on all the time, and this causes illnesses that can be life threatening, and trauma that can trigger diseases like cancer and heart diseases.

You can identify that you are suffering from more than average stress, or stress overload if you:

  • Struggle to concentrate because your mind is overactive.
  • Find you have regular aches and pains in your neck, shoulders and back.
  • Find you are more susceptible to minor ailments like colds, flu and stomach bugs.
  • Get tension headaches, are easily angered and agitated finding it hard to sit still.
  • Changes in appetite, not feeling hungry or having dry mouth, and stomach pain.
  • Battle to sleep and feel anxious about something which makes your mind race.

Knowing what stress levels you are coping with can help you learn how to relieve stress before it reaches dangerous life threatening levels.  then you can apply stress relief practices like learning how to relax using relaxation techniques, anger management, mindfulness training, and exercise, which are just some of the ways you can let the pressure out before it’s too late.

Learn to pinpoint the problems causing you undue stress, and it has been mentioned in many articles, a  good way to deal with problems is by writing down the issues and problems you are facing on paper, because this helps puts them in better perspective, makes them easier to manage, because you can write down possible solutions below them.

Reading out loud the problems you have written down makes is easier to manage these problems, issues and expectations, so make notes on how each issue causing you bad stress can be handled, which will make you feel happier that there ARE solutions!

stress burnout

Stress Overload

The Dangers of Stress Overload!

Serious stress overload, also called chronic stress, can cause serious illness, ranging from stroke to heart attacks, because of constant elevated blood pressure that comes from having too much stress. Excessively stressful events that cause this chronic stress overload can range from being natural disasters, to serious problems at work or at home with spouses and family, bad financial situations, or high levels of crime.

Chronic stress must be addressed as soon as possible because  serious repercussions can arise that cannot easily be recovered from. examples of this can be overeating, smoking, drinking and drug abuse just some of the bad habits people fall into to relieve stress overload.

It’s difficult to recover from these habits or reverse their negative affects, or from an illness like a heart attack or stroke that was a result of bad stress overload. Excessive stress causes people to snap with some suffering from nervous breakdowns while others take drastic irreversible actions that they can be sorry about later or worse will affect them for the rest of their lives.

A common killer on roads these days as traffic increases is ‘Road Rage’. Someone with excessive stress levels driving home in heavy traffic can react negatively to someone else that made a minor traffic infringement which we explained in a previous article.  It has even happened that innocent people have had their cars trashed, or even been battered and killed by highly stressed people that suffered road rage as a result.

Chronic stress can cause relationship issues like breakups when anger flares up,  where things are said that are the spur of the moment but can never be taken back.  A highly stressed individual may tell their boss at work to ‘shove it’ and then regret it later, but then it is already too late.

In younger people chronic stress causes drug abuse, suicide and criminal activities, all outlets of dealing with stress overload, so it is vital for parents to watch out for any symptoms of stress in their children in order to help them deal with it effectively, before something drastic happens

Chronic stress overload situations which can be negatively life changing, make it crucial to learn about pinpointing how you stressed are,  understanding the symptoms of stress overload, and ways on how to relieve stress before it becomes an all consuming fire within.

Proper relaxation techniques helping you create calmness and peace in your life will show you how to relieve stress effectively, and there are methods to learn how to relax that will suit every type of person and lifestyle.

Finding ways to relieve stress we are subject to in our modern fast paced lifestyles are beneficial to well being, body health, and relationships, and careers, and solutions can be found through help from professionals, or through self help courses, you can change your life so that you deal with stress properly, before letting it become chronic and difficult to manage.

Stress and Anger Management

Stress Anger Management

 Stress and Anger Management.

You may have seen the movie ‘Anger Management’ with Jack Nicholson or ‘The Wolds Angriest Man’ both showing how destructive chronic stress and anger can be for everyone. It is not only your life that is affected negatively and adversely,  but that of those around you as well especially family members and friends in your social circles… Anger comes from feelings of helplessness, irritability, agitation all spin offs from suffering excessive stress.

It is a not always necessary to go for full therapy for anger management, (unless you are suffering serious anger issues) because self help courses, and stress reduction programs can also help. Some say it is useful counting to 10 before reacting or simply walk away from a situation that is going to cause you to be angry.

Physical activities are a way that can help release pent up anger, or  by visiting places or activities that you know will quiet your mind. If you find that many issues are arising in your relationship that are causing you to be stressed, hostile, and angry, then try to  talk to someone about these issues, rather about them with your partner when you are angry, because you could end up in a full blown argument.

If you cannot find solutions for being angry and irritated then consider, going to a qualified counselor together to resolve them. The way to find stress relief and manage your anger effectively is through series of steps, and sometimes it can take time to start reaping the benefits so patience is advised.

Mindfulness and Meditation practices have become effective ways of relieving anger, agitation and high levels of stress, and finding a suitable program is simple now that the internet is available with many self help courses to learn how you can live a positive calm life.

Most people will not admit they have a chronic stress or anger problem, and would rather try  and deal with it or their own. If the self help courses you followed do not help, and you still feel completely overwhelmed with the pressures of life, then consulting with a qualified professional therapist or psychologist is a sensible choice.

Anger and Stress Relief

Peacefulness Reduces Anger and Stress

Clearing Your Life From Anxiety and Stress Overload.

Anxiety and chronic stress causes damage to relationships, careers, and family, and even results in depression, negativity and unhappiness. Thoughts can get stuck in your mind and issues can replay over and over again in your waking mind and in your subconscious while sleeping causing nightmares. Stressful problems being faced can be related to money, relationships, your job, family problems or personal performance all which cause extreme anxiety, and social retraction.

At night while trying to go to sleep these negative stressful thoughts keep your mind overactive while wrestling to find solutions. lack of sleep is the result which will affect your health and well being causing frustration…

Many people find relief from anger, stress, and anxiety  through practicing meditation with deep breathing now becoming a very popular method of clearing your mind and getting these angry negative thoughts you are experiencing in order. learning meditation will calm you and help you achieve a state of deep relaxation, but it is necessary to learn how to practice meditation correctly for maximum benefits.

Another way to deal with anger issues and to reduce stress is through Mindfulness Training which teaches you how to live in the ‘here and now‘ rather than focusing on the past and ‘what ifs’. You will realize through this that it is pointless being angry with what happened in the past, and learn to move forward. Mindfulness training can also help you shape your future destiny, and through doing so with this focus, thus help manifest the things you desire which for most people are happiness, health, well being and love.

Tips for Managing Anxiety, Anger and How to Relieve stress.

Some people have higher levels of anxiety and stress when faced with certain situations that others.  Small problems for some may seem insurmountable to others. To manage these  anxiety levels try and prepare for the situation properly beforehand because this will give you clarity on how you will best deal with the issue. For example if you have a public speech, are perfoming on stage, have to give a presentation at work… sound preparation well before the time will make you feel less stressed.

If there are certain situations that cause you extreme anxiety, anger and stress issues, one way around this is to simply do your best to avoid them…

Below are More Tips to Relieve Stress and Anxiety:

  • Get Involved In exercise programs, even if it just walking the dog or around the neighborhood.
  • Practice relaxation techniques like meditation, mindfulness and learn Yoga.
  • Learn to practice deep breathing methods to reduce stress when faced with difficult situations.
  • Manage your days and time more effectively with proper schedules and routines which are familiar and comforting.
  • Understand you are limited in your abilities, and don’t stress about something you cannot do.
  • Drink less coffee and make bedtimes the same time every night to get into a healthy routine.
  • Eat healthily and reduce medications like headache tablets for every small ailment you experience.
  • Get help from someone close to you, family member, friends, or confidant and talk to them about your anxiety, stress and feelings of inadequacy you may have convinced yourself you suffer from.
Learn How To Relax

Practice Relaxation Techniques for Peace of Mind!

Relaxation Methods for Stress Relief and Well Being.

Relaxation Method 1: Meditation Focus

Meditation combined with breathing and focus is an excellent relaxation exercise.  During the meditating you focus on an object, piece of music or peaceful place you have visited or seen in a picture… Focused meditation is a super b way of finding calmness peace and most importantly stress relief

Method 2: Meditation Breathing.

Deep meditation breathing practices are well known for deep relaxation where you breathe deeply from your abdomen focusing on the breathing movements of exhaling and inhaling of your chest. All thoughts are blocked out while practicing meditation deep breathing, except the focus on breathing. A single word can be used on inhalations and exhalations like, ‘peace or harmony’ on inhaling, and during exhalation’ Fulfillment , Love Calm‘ or whatever word that makes you feel peaceful according to the  relaxation, Anger reduction, or stress relief goals you are focused on.

Method 3: Meditation Organization

Being disorganized in life causes anxiety and stress especially in women so meditation practices focused on order and peace to become ‘grounded’ finding harmony and being organized. This grounding meditation can be found as part of many complete meditation courses. The grounded meditation practice is ultimately relaxing helping you find solutions to handle any

Method 4: Yoga and Meditation

Yoga combined with meditation is one of the best known relaxation techniques that has already been around for centuries. Only recently has the western world begun realizing the importance of this practice for stress relief, well being, harmony, and even fitness.

Yoga helps suppleness in the body and as an exercise is already important for good health, while the meditation c practiced during Yoga sessions enhances peace, fulfillment and reduces stress and anxiety. The focus gained by applying these relaxation techniques are numerous and proven to be effective through research.

There are many different types of Yoga, and many courses can be found on our website ranging from beginner yoga online video courses, to special Yoga for fitness and power. (Visit the external links on the foot of this page for some examples)

Method 5: Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training is a method to gain stability and achievement in your life by leaving failure and the past where it should remain ‘In the past’. Mindfulness training teaches you to let go and live in the here and now. It further helps you train your mind and subconscious mind to manage your own destiny, manifest wealth, health or the achievement goals you have in mind.

If you are struggling to find meaning or wish to achieve a goal it is well worth investing in a smart mindfulness training course given by professionals. Eastern cultures have long understood the value of mind training and subconscious training and now it is available for everyone to benefit from.

Relaxation exercises

Practice Relaxation Exercises to Reduce Stress & Anger.

Focusing on Stress Relief and Relaxation Techniques.

Rest assured that you are stressed; everyone is experiencing stress nowadays, and now you will understand the levels of stress you are under, and whether this has developed or will increase until you are suffering from stress overload that will become a serious problem that has to be urgently addressed!

Sometimes we view situations in ways that seem to make them huge problems; mountains sized obstacles, when in reality they can be handled with the right frame of mind! Master your life and by practicing relaxation exercises that suit your circumstances you will discover find peace, harmony and fulfillment. The results will be good health, improved social standing, and the attraction of good things, like fulfillment and longevity. Yoga meditation, mindfulness training, and deep breathing relaxation techniques on this website are not all ‘mumbo jumbo‘  to scoff at, but real methods to slow down necessary in our fast paced technology filled modern lifestyles.

Perhaps you have suffered deep emotional issues, maybe from having a difficult childhood, and if so, these issues can spill over into adulthood, to make certain situations you face look as bad as they did through your eyes as a child.

The sayings ‘think positive’, ‘stop stressing’, ‘don’t worry’ it will work itself out’, will all become a reality if you apply relaxation techniques, train your mind, handle stress with ease, and take life’s obstacles in your strides.

Invest in calming meditation music; get rid of the things that cause stress like clutter in your life, and problems that are not worth solving, because they hold no benefit. Visit peaceful and calm places for vacations, and when you return, you will be able to hold pictures of these pleasurable moments and times in your mind, of this peace and harmony.

Listening to soft calm meditation music called ‘binaural beats’ that you’re subconscious listens to while you meditate and relax have enormous benefits for relaxation. Below are some recommended links and resources which you can visit to find more and get what you need in relaxation exercises stress relief and anger management?

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